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Is it seriously July 31st already?  5 months to the end of 2008?  I don’t know about you, but, for me, the year has gone by so fast.


Happy face in MY background?

Yeah, you think I DON’T see you there Mr. Happy Face? C’mon, who made this template and made it available on

Oh right, it sources them right at the bottom.

So i’ve been playing around with my iPod Touch recently, diving into a different world by playing around with the file structure.

After learning that there are TWO ‘partitions’ on an iPod Touch, which I will refer to as just an iPod for now.  One for the operating system and one for the music/videos and such.


This is pretty much were the big stuff can go.  Everything else is limited to about 300mb.  (I’m looking at you INSTALLER.APP!

If you create a symbolic link to there, you can install whatever you want until you fill up your iPod.


I have Apache AND PHP running on my iPod. Does anyone know how to compile GD Library to the iPod?

This is “needed” so I can install a slick new photo browsing gallery and NOT be limited to the small sizes iTunes give you.

I doubt anyone will see this, but I can hope!

Hello, world!