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It’s icy. How icy? So icy that it impedes my driving and walking to a turtle-esque crawl. Get it? Good, because that wasn’t a joke. It’s absolutely silly out there.

It’s supposed to rain later today and the tempurature is projected to be in the +3C area… that SHOULD take care of the ice. I hope.


I don’t reaaly understand why people tan. Let me rephrase… I don’t really understand why people fake tan.

You have all seen it. That girl with the orange skin, tanktop and flip-flops That guy with the orange skin, popped collar and chained necklace. It is enough to make me cringe with fear.

Sure, a nice tan looks very attractive and sometimes a little classy… but that’s my bias showing because I have a built in “natural” tan.

Anyway, lay off the “bronzing” and tanning booths get some sun. Here in Canada, you’re not fooling anyone. You know who you are. Wait, you probably don’t since you think popping your collar is hot.

An update appeared on my appstore the other day for WordPress. With it came one feature that I was waiting so long for: Landscape mode.

I don’t mean to ignore this blog. I’m just lazy. I assure you, my life is actually so exciting and busy that I don’t have that much time to blog.

I mean, all if these video games can’t play themselves…