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That was odd.  I was just making a regular visit to (Microsoft’s Search Engine) and it wanted to know if I was real or not.

Nothing exciting happened when I entered in the wrong code for the captcha, just some red text saying it was incorrect.  I was hoping for something funny…


Looks like it isn’t ending anytime soon.  This time instead of a status update, the spam is hitting people’s wall in Facebook.

I am utterly speechless after reading Marcias weight loss blog go her!! those things really work!

I hope this does not escalate to the level of spam that Twitter gets.

Again, it’s probably the person’s computer infected with some sort of virus or malware.  Remember to remind them to scan for viruses and spyware before they embarrass themselves too much!

New mobile phone virus?  A message from 3 hours ago in my friend feed (posted via Facebook Mobile) read:

I’m 8 1/2 pounds lighter thanks to the FREE trial pack of this new colon cleanser that I got! visit to get yours! zoR

Now, I’m not one to judge, but I’m pretty sure my friend wouldn’t admit to something like this.  There are a couple other instances of the message with a variable code at the end… in this case “zoR”

If it is in fact a mobile phone virus, my friend was using an iPhone.

Anyone else seeing messages like this?

UPDATE (03-OCT-09 21:52 EST)
As mentioned in the comments, this is happening to people who do not even own mobile phones. Remember to scan your computer for viruses/malware if your account posted the message.  And it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to change your password at this time.

Image1The mobile phone that I ordered from an internet site came in the mail not too long ago. An unlocked Sony Ericsson T707.

It was pretty much a cosmetic upgrade to the phone I had before which is also a Sony Ericsson.

There are a few features that I was looking forward to:

  1. Threaded SMS: Mmm, chat bubbles.
  2. Flip/Clamshell Design: I’ve never had one before.
  3. Faster Bluetooth: My previous phone transferred at something like 15 KB/s.  The T707 was pretty fast at 125 KB/s (or more? I forgot already).
  4. A slightly better camera: Even though it doesn’t have auto-focus…
  5. It looks sexy.

For some reason, when I got my phone, Threaded SMS wasn’t working.  I was reading the user manual over and over:

  1. Select Menu > Messaging > Inbox  the Conversations tab.
  2. Select a conversation

But I could never find that tab.  I even called into Sony Ericsson support and all they said to do was update my software.  At the time, it sounded like a plan, but after doing an update, the conversation tab still was not there.

With a bit of internet searching and phone hacking, I was able to turn it on! Here’s how. (NOTE: I’ve only tested this on Windows XP)

What you will need:

  1. A computer with Sony Ericsson drivers installed.  The easiest way to do that is to install the Sony Ericsson Update Software package. You can download it here:
  2. A USB to Sony Ericsson cable.  This didn’t come with my T707.  I had it because it came with my older phone.
  3. A2uploader software. This software allows you to browse your phone’s file system.
  4. customize_upgrade.xml file.  This is the file we will be placing in your file system. Click on the link an then copy and paste this code into notepad and save as “customize_upgrade.xml” on your desktop (or anywhere you want).

I am not responsible for any breakage of cell phones. You are doing this at your own risk.


  1. Turn off your phone
  2. Plug in your USB cable into the computer, but NOT the phone (yet)
  3. Open a2uploader.exe
  4. Press and hold the “C” button on your phone.
  5. While holding the “C” button, plug the USB cable into your phone.
  6. After 3 to 5 seconds, you can let go of “C”
  7. Click on the “FileSystem tool” button in a2uploader. (it’s on the right side). Some action should be happening on the left side of the screen.
  8. Once the file system is loaded, browse to the TPA/PRESET/CUSTOM directory.  To check if you are in the right place, you should see “customize.xml” in there.
  9. Drag and drop the customize_upgrade.xml into this folder.
  10. Click on the “Turn Off FS” button at the bottom of the folder view.  (NOTE: The button may be named different, I forget the actual wording. I remember that it is RED though!)
  11. You can close a2uploader now, if you want.
  12. Unplug your cell phone and boot it up.

It may WILL take longer than normal to boot up the first time because it is loading the new setting file.

Now you can select menu > messaging > CONVERSATIONS.  It worked for me!  Also, it’s a tabbed area, so if you want to go back to the normal Inbox view, you can just press left or right.

Good luck!

Mmmmmmm… chat bubbles.

I mainly posted this because I could only find it in one place after searching for quite some time. Even still, I got these instructions based off of a Sony Ericsson W508 phone!  I took a chance and it worked on my T707 so I hope this is helpful to anyone that is looking for the answers that I was looking for, too.


Original thread I found that had all the information, just kinda’ scattered.

A2Uploader by the_laser

Remember that feeling when your parents started to say the same slang words as you?

I have that feeling with Oprah and the slang is Twitter. Every time she says tweet, I want to punch the Internet… punch it in the face.

So, what’s the next cool thing? Well, is still pretty cool. Digg is pretty ruined with bias and ignorant comments (not as bad as YouTube, mind you)

So I have been playing around with Twitter lately and it has been a fairly nice ride. The hardest thing is getting people that I know to join it!

Sure, I have a few people from a forum that I like on Twitter, but no one I know IRL wants to play with it. …they are still stuck on facebook.

I COULD start adding random people… but I want a at least a little connection to them first.

So I’ve been playing around with Joomla! lately.  Just running a local WAMP on one of my servers.  Nothing nerdy at all, obviously.

This is actually a re-visit to Joomla! (or J!, as some seem to call it) because when I installed J! before, I was overwhelmed and was too lazy to learn the basics.

If I had to compare J! to something, and I’m certain a lot of CMS programs are like this, I would say J! is a lot like Lego Novelty Plastic Building Blocks.  It’s all quite modular these days.  A hierarchy of building blocks.

After I am done playing around with Joomla, perhaps I’ll play around with Expression Engine.

Not an official release, yet, Firefox has added a Privacy Mode (unofficially dubbed “Porn Mode”).  This is, however, not a new feature in web-browsing, as Microsoft’s IE8, Google Chrome, and Apple’s Safari have added this feature to their web-browsers.

To get this, you’ll need to download a nightly build of Firefox by following this link:

It wasn’t until this summer did I start seeing “Ninty” being using in place of Nintendo.  Everytime I see it, I still can’t get used to it.  Did a 6 year-old come up with this? Actually, that would be a good explanation. You know, being Nintendo and all.

Is it really that hard to type a few extra letters?  Perhaps shorten it like so many others?

Playstation: PS
Microsoft: MS
Nintendo: NT

Although, “NT” already has Microsoft connotations…

Oh well, I don’t expect much from YOU, Internet. Carry on.


So, last night was the big day for Harvest Moon fans because Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness came out in stores… and, as such, the Internet.

I had blogged earlier about my anticipation for this game and, in a complete separate blog, I talked about uTorrent and torrents.  As Google would have it, I obviously had a torrent for Harvest Moon. (note: no, I don’t).

I hope every finds what they are looking for, though, so they can enjoy this game 🙂 Happy Hunting!